Amazon Ladies Dresses
Very nice.
July 20, 2017 Amazon Ladies Dresses
With my high water pressure, the water flows at 2 GPM, not 1.5, but that is much better than my previous shower head. The water definitely feels hotter with this shower head because it doesn’t Read More
Just what I needed
July 19, 2017 Amazon Ladies Dresses
Surprise.. surprise. I am NOT using these for my bed to sleep on… I am using them as an extra padding on my favorite recliner chair seat cushion. My recliner seat is getting worn and thin and Read More
Fantastic Little Gadget
July 13, 2017 Amazon Ladies Dresses
The handiest gadget to cut grapes for tots fast and efficiently! I always quarter grapes for my toddler, and it would take a good bit of time doing the tedious task of cutting each grape on a cutting Read More